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Aktive CBD Energy Shot is designed for your everyday hard working person looking for a quick pick me up that also provides 25mg of 99% Cannibidiol (CBD) for muscle and joint support.  Studies have shown that CBD may help with sore muscles, Sore joints, Stress, Anxiety and focus*.

Aktive CBD Energy Shot provides a quick and simple elevated pick me up by utilizing essential B vitamins, amino acid and a proprietary blend of a special energy

CBD Oil sports supplements 2017

CBD Energy Shots

Focused Energy is designed to give you a natural edge in life to be your personal best, every day – career, sports, personal lift.

Unlike “energy shots or drinks” high in preservatives and sugars that provide short-term peaks of energy (followed by deep valleys), Focused Energy delivers an all-day balanced energy and mental clarity.  Best of all, because of the unique blast-cap technology, Focused Energy can deliver these benefits via fresh nutrients with no sugar nor preservatives!

CBD Energy Shots With 25mg 99% CBD and Matcha Tea

By “Blasting” nutrients at the time of consumption, they are more fresh, potent and BIO-AVAILABLE (readily absorbed by body) than those diluted by preservatives and destroyed in the large scale processing.

Focused Energy – Natural Ingredients with Matcha Tea

  • 25 mg of 99% Hemp-Derived CBD
  • Matcha Tea
  • Caffeine Energy
  • PhamaGaba Focus
  • Vinpocetine Focus


  • Provides quick and sustained energy*
  • Promotes mental focus and clarity throughout the day*
  • No Sugar, Preservatives or Carbonation just healthy results*

BLASTCAP formulations can be pure nutrients that do not require the harmful chemicals and sugars prevalent in all drinks formulated for shelf-stability.

Value BCT beverages are price competitive as the cap costs are offset by the elimination of costly preservatives, hot filling, and reduced shipping expense.

Taste and Fun formulated for taste and fun to Blast.

CBD Energy Shots With 25mg 99% CBD

CBD Oil sports supplements guide CBD Oil Benefits To Gain More Energy And Improve Your Daily Life Today there are no longer any doubts that CBD (cannabidiol) has been used to manage a variety of medical conditions and diseases. Many sufferers of arthritis, diabetes and cancer and just about all the "old age" related ailments reported on feeling significantly better along with an increase in energy after using the authentic hemp-oil products. On the other side, those that have received the conventional and harsh treatments like chemotherapy have gone onto find that CBD oil that is an effective remedy to control unwanted side effects while not causing others. Here is some information on how CBD oil can enhance energy levels along with a variety of other health benefits. Boosting Energy Levels In many cases, the majority of us feel tired and exhausted. Many of us lack energy in order to conduct even simple tasks. These feelings can occur as early as in the morning when we get up for the day or after engaging in tasks that are physically demanding. When this happens it is typically advisable to consult with your physician, particularly when it has become something that you deal with everyday. This could be a signal of depression, the development of a heart condition or even advanced forms of anaemia. However, it can also be a signal that your body is just very low in regards to energy levels. If this happens to be the case, CBD oil can effectively boost your existing energy levels which will translate into promoting wakefulness in your body to help you get through the day. The way CBD oil works is by strengthening the individual cells in the body to ensure they are in optimal condition. How To Obtain Your Daily Dose Of CBD Along With Energy With The Latest Cannabis Product Today there is a way to obtain your micro-dose of CBD (cannabidiol) along with the ideal dose of energy. CBD is the non-psychoactive component in the hemp plants. One of the latest cannabis companies has gone onto introduce a unique and innovative way in which to obtain your daily CBD dose along with your daily requirements of Vitamin B into one product. The name of this product is Aktive CBD Energy Shots which are CBD-infused energy supplements in the form of Energy Liquid Shots. This product is suggested to provide your brain with the ultimate boost. Here are some important details about the product. Aktive's CBD-Infused Energy Liquid Shots If you were impressed by the Akrive CBD Energy Shots, then Aktive CBD Focused Energy Shots will really blow you away. Aktive CBD Focused Energy Shots are designed for individuals on-the-go and has managed to combine focused effects offered by CBD along with vitamin B that plays an important role in mood management and cognitive function. Aktive CBD Energy Shots are a product produced by Aktive CBD. About The Aktive CBD Energy Shots Aktive CBD Energy Shots have the purpose of replacing stimulating junk-food, energy drinks and that first cup of caffeine (coffee) in the morning. Each of these energy Shot contain 25mg of hemp-based sustainable CBD. They are said to inspire the same amount of energy that an espresso can offer without having to experience those caffeine jitters or the inevitable crash which is associated with most of the energy drinks. Both caffeine and sugar are associated with spiking energy levels over the short-run. However, they often lead to brain fog and fatigue which usually occurs a few hours after consuming these products. On the other hand Aktive CBD Energy Shots are able to offer energy through nutrition that is derived from CBD and Vitamin B. This is what is able to promote sustainable and long-lasting energy without the negative side effects. CBD oil is also well known for its antioxidant properties which exceed Vitamin E or C in intensity. When the human tissues in the body use oxygen in order to burn nutrition from food for the use of fuel this reaction results in unstable particles which are known as the "free radicals" that have negative effects. CBD oil provides your body with a way to protect itself from stress and inflammation that the free radicals cause. The CBD oil benefits are extensive and today it is not just the sick that can benefit from using CBD oil products. Healthy people can use these fantastic products to maintain and boost their well-being and energy by using them in the form of a supplement.

CBD Energy Shots

CBD Oil sports supplements 2017 Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) and Weight Loss
The obesity epidemic that is facing this country has brought on a greater awareness of weight loss. Research has indicated that Cannabidiol or CBD can have a positive effect on the loss of weight. Our bodies have an Endocannabinoid system that plays an important role in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates and regulates energy or calorie balance, and this system is positively affected by CBD. CBD does a number of things that can keep the body in the best of shape as it interacts by feeding the systems with cannabinoid receptors.
The body's Endocannabinoid System is a vast netwwork of cannabinoid receptors that are distributed throughout the body. They consist of Think keys which are signaling chemicals that are specialized fatty acid-based groups, their Think locks or receptors, and metabolic enzymes that are responsible for their production and breakdown. CB1 and CB2 are the cannabinoid receptors that are well-known and are the most active when interacting with CBD or cannabidiol and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Food seeking behavior, appetite, and cravings are stimulated and controlled by different areas of the brain interacting with each other when the brain receives information that comes from peripheral sensory receptors, blood, gut, body fat tissue signaling molecules, hormones, and nutrients. To put it simply, people have different reasons for eating, but even so, it is the CB1 receptor mainly influences the brain to stimulate appetite, energy intake and hunger. An article by Marco Torres published in the Waking Times cites a study that the American Journal of Medicine published.
It says that people who consume cannabis regularly have a 16% lower fasting insulin than those who do not have this habit. These people also have an insulin resistance level that is 17% lower, while they also have fewer inches around the waist. The scientists in this study concluded that the use of marijuana led to smaller waists.
The main ingredients in a cannabis plant are CBD and THC, with THC being psychoactive. Studies have been made about the effect that CBD has on fat cells and the role they play in the increasing weight in the world and the problem with obesity. CBD stimulates proteins and genes that can lead to the breaking down and oxidation of fat and increases mitochondria numbers and their activity, which in turn increases the ability of the body for burning calories, while it decreases the production of lipogenesis proteins that cause fat cells to generate. CBD has the ability to convert WAT or white adipose tissue into the energy-burning beige and brown adipose tissue. The white tissue stores energy while the other brown and beige tissue, burns it. Fat browning is the term that describes this process. Fat is created in the body to serve as a filter that acts as a shield for organs against toxins. As a result, an increase in the toxin levels in the body can make it difficult for burning fat. CBD helps the body to release toxins and helps in the protection of organs from substances that are harmful to them. This also reduces the need for fat cells required for the protection of organs. This entire process is completely natural and CBD can be easily derived from cannabis as well as hemp.